The EppProxy is a lightweight service that maintains established, authenticated EPP connections to one or more EPP servers. Your EPP clients can then connect to the proxy and avoid having to perform a full authentication on every request.

This is particularly useful for stateless clients like web applications and batch jobs, but any EPP client can benefit from increased performance.


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Sequence diagrams

A normal EPP connection follows this sequence.

With EppProxy, the sequence is sped up drastically by caching the handshake.

When using a transparent-mode configuration, no special considerations must be done on the client side.

Typical EPP sequence

By keeping the proxy close to the client, the time to first command is significantly reduced.

In addition, the proxy can be configured in optimized mode. This further reduces the time spent.

EppProxy, transparent mode
Using the optimized mode requires pre-configuration of the proxy and a custom adapter on the client side.
EppProxy, optimized mode